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About Us

Providing services for business Progress"


"To be most reliable, respectable and cost-effective logistics provider and purchasing agency in the markets we serve.... from the customer, team member and shareholder point of view"


Leadership Moral Responsibility

Excellence Innovation Partnership



Our mission is to provide services for business progress...

Tanchin is one the  leading China based construction material, machinery for SME, consumer goods design, development and sourcing, and logistic providers firm; serving major contractors, organizations, governments and brands around the world.

We are engaged in market research, manufacturing, warehousing, QCing, shipping and financial analysis and support.

Our business is built upon our people and the community we serve and live, time-honored values, financial strength, our approach to sustainability through the entire supply chain, and our commitment to ethical ways of doing business.



Our people are the source of our strength and expertise and the reason for our success...

Under the leadership of our CEO and founder, serial entrepreneur multi-talented Abraham Merishani, Board chairman renowned leader John Rwehumbiza, Group Vice-President for Africa, Roselyn Mlay and support by a management team which represents some of the most experienced professionals in the global supply chain industry. The depth of executive experience provides Tanchin with a strong and talented team that drives the company’s continuous growth and success.

We are commited to...

Integrity is our courage to meet the demands of reality...

To works against any form of money laundry or malicious businesses.

  1. To work against all suppliers who defy the code of ethics, like child labor under payment, unhealthy or bad working environment

  2. Good governance within us and people we serve

  3. Strive to be part of the community we work, serve and live

  4. Emphasis on  healthy living, engaging in sport activity and philanthropic activities in community we work, live and serve; and beyond....... our actions to be inspiration to others.




We are local in four continents ....

Headquarter in Guangzhou central business district of Tianhe (Tianhe CBD), Tanchin also has presence in Tanzania, HongKong and representative offices at Tanchin funded businesses in New York USA and Roden in the netherlands.

Tanchin has 225 people working in 4 locations serving over 40 different markets. Our network of 1,500 global suppliers provides quality-conscious, cost-competitive, machinery and consumer goods for our customers around the world.

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